Getting a Move On

There are two things to do after you break up:

  1. Do something different with your hair.
  2. Grow out your nails.

It’s been one month since my old relationship imploded and I was left moving down south to lick my wounds. Not so surprising to most of you, but I’m still here. With the help of my family and friends, I have recovered my pride and started on a few things that make ME happy.


Me and my red tips, at last.

Like dyeing my hair. I never thought I would actually get around to doing it because I was just so happy being my regular self. My ex told me he loved me hair, so I saw no reason in changing. I had grown complacent, which is something I vow to never do again.

Like finally going to a nail salon and having my nails done. After a month, my nails are long and strong because I haven’t chewed on them (a bad nervous habit).

Like planning a trip to Paris. I never thought I would ever actually do that either because my ex was always said it was too expensive and I felt guilty for spending my money. Am I broke now? You better believe it. But how exciting is this? In a few short weeks, I’m going to be eating actual French bread.

Like joining a boxing club and learning how to throw a decent punch while finally finding an exercise regiment that doesn’t bore me to tears. My ex complained about us losing weight, but I never found the fire to actually get on with it. I do now, and that’s awesome.

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about writing and suffering¬†and how I intended to get back to work when I felt better? Well, I feel better. My transition back to fiction has happened slowly, but I’m glad to finally start feeling like myself (the self I was a long time ago) again.


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