Bailey Merlin trying for that suave look. Success not guaranteed due to poorly wrangled baby in the back. My bad.

Welcome! My name is Bailey Merlin and I am a writer living in Boston, MA. My projects include bad poetry, shitty short stories, “working” on my next novel, and pretending that my MFA means something in this crazy world.

I am a transplant from the shores of Pensacola, Florida. I received a double BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Berry College (I thought that was a good idea, too).

Hobbies include procrastination, asking personal questions at parties, drinking apple cider due to a general disdain for beer, and having abnormally long and detailed conversations with myself.

What is this, a Tinder profile?

My current project is an alternative history of the French Revolution, which means plenty of glitz, glam, and heads rolling. Other than that, I write a lot of poetry. Some of it’s even been published! From time to time, I’ll write about my travels and misadventures.

Thank you for stopping by, and stay tuned for more.


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